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Get Certified with AFTA's PT II Home Study Course and Feel Confident!



AFTA's  Personal Trainer II course is an advanced personal trainer course but does NOT require that you first complete the online personal trainer course.


Who qualifies to take this course? Do I have to hold any type of certification or college education before I can receive the certification?


You must be at least 20 years of age and be physically able to work with and to monitor clients.


You are not required to hold any certifications or college degrees, but a degree or college course work in exercise science or a related field is useful.


A good background in the use of fitness equipment and exercises is required!


Good reading skills are needed.


AFTA Personal Trainer II Outline


What is covered in the Personal Trainer II course?

The home study Personal Trainer II course contains over 500 pages of material in the main textbook, a strength training anatomy book with over 600 illustrations or demonstrations of exercises, and an additional handbook with CD that contains reproducible forms, tables, and charts as well as information on how to manage a training business.

Look Below At Our Course Outline.   We Cover All Aspects That Are Needed For Personal Training!   

  Becoming a personal trainer  -  Training and credentials  -  Setting up your business  -  Getting clients  -  Getting into gyms and health clubs  -  Advertising and marketing  -  Expanding your business  - Business and client forms  -  Physical activity and health  -  Physical fitness and performance  -  Health appraisal  -  Energy cost of physical fitness  -  Cardio respiratory fitness  -  Body composition  -  Nutrition  -  Assessment of muscular fitness  -  Flexibility and low back function  -  Exercise prescription for cardio respiratory fitness  -  Exercise prescription for weight management  -  Exercise prescription for muscular strength and endurance training  -  Exercise prescription for flexibility and low back function  -  Exercise leadership for health and fitness  -  Exercise and children and youth  -  Exercise and older adults  -  Exercise and coronary heart disease  -  Exercise and obesity  -  Exercise and diabetes  -  Exercise, asthma, and pulmonary disease  -  Exercise and women's health  -  Behavior modification  -  exercise and stress  -  Exercise related to ECG and medications  -  Injury prevention and treatment  -  Program administration/management  -  Functional anatomy and biomechanics  -  Exercise Physiology and much more!




Choice of Exams

Since some fitness centers require proctored exams and others do not, you have the choice of which exam to complete.  The non-proctored exam is included in the shipment of materials and can be completed at your convenience.  The proctored exam will be sent to our proctor in your area and will be scheduled in your area at the convenience of both you and the proctor. 


What does the exam consist of?

The included exam consists of true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and application projects.  The proctored exam contains multiple choice (different test from included exam) and application projects.

What happens after I submit my exam(s)?

Upon receiving your exam, it will be graded in 5 business days from our receiving it. You will receive an email with your exam results.  If you don't pass the first time, you may restudy and retake your exam 1 more time within the 12 month enrollment period at no additional cost!  A minimum score of 85 is required for successful completion of the course.

How long will it take to complete the course?

This will all depend on your prior knowledge and experience in the field. After you enroll, your course will ship in 3-5 business days. This will allow you to get a quick start on it. The estimated time for completion is 2 - 6 months, but you have one full year to submit the exam. The personal trainer II course is simply too detailed to finish it quickly.

Do I have to renew my certification?

Yes, you will need to renew your certificate every 2 years with approved continuing education courses. 


AFTA Partner Program - Great for clubs or gyms!

The AFTA Partner Program allows 1,2,3,4 or 5 individuals to enroll in the same payment processing order to receive a  discount. To find out how many sets of books are included in the share textbooks discounted partner programs, please see notations in the purchase area. Partners do not have to submit exams at the same time! The partner program is for purchae discount only; each enrollee must complete his/her own exam.


You can use your credit card or an e-check below through PayPal. We also accept mailed in orders with a US Postal money order or a  business check from United States checking accounts only.  We no longer accept international money orders or international bank drafts.  Home study course orders are only accepted from the US and from US military personnel stationed outside the US.  Materials will not be shipped until checks have cleared (usually 5 - 7 business days).

If ordering through the mail, please mail your payment to: AFTA PO BOX 253 Ripley, TN 38063.  Include your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and name of the course.

Please read  refund policies.




                 Order Individual Course or Partner Programs Below



(Please monitor your emails for the 2 emails we'll send after you order!  The first one is required enrollment information and the 2nd one will be your shipping information. Check your email address given in the order and make sure it is correct.)


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                   Sales Tax applies to Tennessee residents


  1 Person --  Personal Trainer II home study with included shipped exam   -     $364.99    (1 book set and 1 exam)



   1 Person  --  Personal Trainer II home study with proctored exam   -    $414.99   (1 book set and 1 exam)



   2 Persons  --  PT II  home study with included shipped exams    -     $499.99   (1 book set and 2 exams)



   2 Persons  --  PT II home study with proctored exams     -     $579.99     (1 book set and 2 exams)



  3 Persons   --   PT II home study with included shipped exams    -     $654.99    (2 book sets and 3 exams)



   3 Persons   --   PT II home study with proctored exams     -      $774.99      (2 book sets and 3 exams)



   4 Persons   --   PT II home study with included shipped exams    -     $754.99     (2 book sets and 4 exams)



   4 Persons   --   PT II home study with proctored exams      -       $904.99        (2 book sets and 4 exams)



  5 Persons    --    PT II home study with included shipped exams     -      $799.99    (2 book sets and 5 exams)



   5 Persons    --    PT II home study with proctored exams      -      $969.99        (2 book sets and 5 exams)