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 Sports Nutrition Advisor

Home Study Course



The Sports Nutrition Advisor course will give you the knowledge to become an asset for athletes, trainers, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. No form of training is complete without sound nutrition. This is why there are those who seek information about: metabolism; role of foods in exercise and sports; which foods contain the different classifications of nutrients and minerals; benefit differences between raw and cooked foods; how nutrition combined with exercise can prevent certain diseases; energy expenditure; body fat; dangers of being overweight or obese with health problems associated with each; how to identify eating disorders; ergogenic aids; how body composition affects performance; importance of hydration; behavior modification; how to assist a dietitian; and more.  Completing the AFTA Sports Nutrition Advisor course does not make you eligible to function as a licensed dietitian.


Course Outline from the textbook:


bulletIntroduction to Nutrition for Exercise and Health
bulletCarbohydrates As a Fuel for Exercise
bulletFat As Fuel for Exercise
bulletProtein and Exercise
bulletEnergy and Nutrient Balance
bulletAchieving Healthy Body Weight
bulletBody Composition
bulletFluid and Electrolyte Balance
bulletB-Complex Vitamins Important in Energy Metabolism
bulletAntioxidant Nutrients
bulletMinerals and Exercise
bulletMicronutrients Important in Blood Formation
bulletNutrients for Bone Health
bulletNutrition and Fitness Assessment
bulletNutrition and the Active Female
bulletErgogenic Substances: Evaluating Sport Nutrition Products


Who qualifies to take this course? Do I have to hold any type of certification or college education before I can receive the certification?


Anyone 20 years of age or older who has the desire to work in the sports nutrition field.


You are not required to hold any certifications or college degrees.


You must have a background in fitness/sports exercises to understand the use of sports nutrition.

What does the exam consist of?

The exam will consist of  T or F, fill in the blank, and short answers.

What happens after I submit my exam(s)?

Upon our receiving your exam, it will be graded within 5 business days. You will receive an email with your exam results.  Successful completion of the course requires a minimum score of 85. You may retake the exam 1 time within your 12 month enrollment period at no additional cost!

How long will it take to complete the course?

This will all depend on your prior knowledge and experience in the field. After you enroll, your course will ship in 5 - 7 business days. This will allow you to get a quick start on it. The estimated time for completion is 2 - 4 months.   This is a thorough course.

Do I have to renew my certification?

Yes, you will need to renew your certificate every 2 years with continuing education courses.

AFTA Partner Program - Great for clubs or gyms!

The AFTA Partner Program allows 1,2,3,4 or 5 individuals to enroll at the same time to receive a discount. To find out how many sets of books are included in the share textbook discount partner program, please see notations at order area below.  Each person will receive his/her own exam. Partners do not have to submit exams at the same time, but each person must complete his/her own exam!

How do I order the course?

You can use your credit card or an e-check below through PayPal.  We also accept mailed in orders with a US Postal money order or a business check from United States checking accounts only.  We do not ship outside the US except to US military personnel.  Materials will not be shipped until checks have cleared (usually 5 - 7 business days).

If mailing a payment, send it to:  AFTA PO BOX 253 Ripley, TN 38063.  Include your full name, mailing address, email address, and name of the course.


Order Below:

Please monitor your emails for the 2 emails we'll send after you order!  The first one is for enrollment information and the 2nd one is your shipping information. Check your email address given in the order and make sure it is correct.

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                          Sales Tax applies to Tennessee residents

  1 Person  Sports Nutrition    -    $264.99     (1 book set)


  2 Person Sports Nutrition Partner   -   $364.99    (1 book set)


  3 Person Sports Nutrition Partner   -   $489.99    (2 book sets)


  4 Person Sports Nutrition Partner   -   $599.99       (2 book sets)


  5 Person Sports Nutrition Partner   -   $679.99       (3 book sets)