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Thoughts to Ponder for Personal Trainers




Whole Body Training vs. Split Training


   Since the body daily functions as a whole, why do some trainers prescribe only split sessions for their clients?

   Should a beginner's program start with split sessions or with whole body training?

   Should all programs include both training methods?

   If you assign whole body training for all sessions, how, when, and for what purpose would you add 1 to 2 exercises for a specific part of the body?




Training the Core


   How many people do you know who do crunches and sit-ups for their abs and consider those THE core strengthening exercises for their sessions?

   What are all the muscles that make up the core and where are they located?

   Do balance exercises have anything to do with the core?




What is PERSONAL Training?


A personal trainer who is assigned to or hired by a member should focus on PERSONAL training. 

PERSONAL training is one-on-one----one trainer focusing on the one client!

Which of the following is NOT included in one-on-one training?


Focusing on client's proper posture and technique?


Making modifications in sets/reps/weights as needed?


Having a plan ready before the client arrives?


Spotting a client during specific exercises?


Socializing with other trainers and/or members while client is exercising?


Talking on a cell phone while client is exercising?


Training two clients at a time?


Walking around attempting to obtain new clients while current client is exercising?



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