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AFTA  Curriculum/Exam Advisory Board

2009 - 2011


Our advisory board includes members from different areas across the United States.  Selection of members was based on their educational and fitness/health backgrounds that we believe is beneficial for the many aspects of fitness training information.

The Board's sole duty includes reviewing and making recommendations about our online and/or home study curriculum materials and the exams.  Neither the Board nor its individual members assume any liability for the recommendations they offer.  Course information in the online courses and/or in textbooks written by various authors is not intended to replace the advice of licensed medical professionals.  It is the responsibility of any person to obtain medical clearance before entering into any exercise program and/or in seeking nutrition information from a licensed dietitian.  Furthermore, trainers/instructors who obtain a fitness certification from an AFTA training course are to abide by safe training guidelines and our code of ethics in professionalism and attitudes.

The Board's duty does not include certifications being granted/denied nor involvement in any business operation(s).


CEAB Members:


Daniel Anderson, B.S. (Health and Fitness Management and Business Management), CPT, CMT

Dan works as a personal trainer with experience in cardiac rehabilitation, in the GetFit Program, in autism therapy, in CPR/AED, and instructs TRX functional training system in group exercise. With his experience in different fitness/health settings, he understands the importance of education in developing and monitoring personalized fitness programs for clients. As a master trainer, he administers the health and fitness tests for the center's members. Having six years in the insurance field helps him understand injuries and liability. His PT certification training is with AFTA.

Robert Bieber, M.A. (Occupational Safety and Health)

Bob's specialty areas as a personal trainer include weight reduction, core, balance/stabilization, power golf, boxing fitness, cycling, strength training, and group/aerobic training. Providing seniors with a more functional lifestyle is one of his current programs through his Senior Fitness Instructor certification. His goal is for people to be safe and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He has eighteen years as an Emergency Medical Technician and three years as a paramedic. He was an instructor-trainer for both the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, and for the Department of Health in New York State. His training background is from NASM, AFTA, and the Boxing Fitness Institute.

Carole Dick -- MS+30 (Physical Education), CGEI

Carole has 32 years instructional experience in physical education, health, special education, and dance, plus coached volleyball, track and field, soccer, and ice hockey. In addition, she taught several adult education and personal fitness classes. Due to her teaching/coaching accomplishments and community involvement, Carole received teaching and humanitarian awards. She also worked with curriculum development for the entire school system. Even though she retired from teaching/coaching, she is now employed by her local county rec/park center to teach fitness classes in the community. Carole also volunteers as a yoga and line dancing instructor at two homes for the elderly. Her group exercise certification training is with AFTA.

Everett Ketelhut -- B.S. Health Fitness in Preventative/Rehabilitative Programs w/ minor in Nutrition, CPT & CSNA

Everett has twelve years of active involvement and experience in health related activities and business. His experience includes all types of equipment including clinical equipment for graded exercise testing, submaximal-maximal exercise testing, and VO2 max testing. Training that interests him the most is circuit training and cross-training due to their focus on improving all components of fitness. He also has a background with instruction to seniors, home-school physical education classes, and in a program for overweight/obese children. Everett currently serves as a college instructor in the health and wellness division. His instruction includes basic health and wellness courses covering chronic disease, fitness, fitness and sport related injury and treatment, nutrition, weight management, psychological wellness, stress management, and addiction. His personal trainer and sports nutrition advisor certifications are with AFTA.

Shannon Schmidt --B.S. Cardio Pulmonary Anatomy and Physiology, RRT, CPT

Shannon has an advanced state license as a registered respiratory therapist and is certified by the National Board for Respiratory Care. Her healthcare experience includes the following: trauma centers, neonatal intensive care units, life saving care focusing on airway management and resuscitation of the cardiovascular system by assisting in artificial ventilation, intubation, arterial access, balloon pump management and operation, tracheostomy placements, placements of CVP and Swan Ganz lines, chest xray interpretation, medication delivery, and emergency medication delivery. Shannon is also licensed to work in cardio-pulmonary rehab programs to show persons how to gain cardiopulmonary endurance. Her training also includes pathophysiology for the effects that medications, diet, and nutrition have on all body systems. She is able to use her knowledge of oxygen delivery and consumption, metabolism, lactate principles, and more to train efficiently and effectively. Shannon is an avid marathon participant, strength trainer, certified in pilates, a student in Moo Sul Kwan, and also uses her healthcare background and fitness knowledge as the owner of a ladies only fitness facility. Her personal trainer certification is with AFTA.




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