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Female Fitness Instructor Certification


The Female Fitness Instructor home study course will give you the knowledge to become a top professional with female clients! Female and male bodies are not the same; therefore, why train them the same?  This course focuses on meeting female needs -- whether it be for strength training, conditioning, bodybuilding, flexibility, or toning.  The FFI helps with self-improvement while training you to help other women attain a healthy lifestyle through proper exercise and nutrition knowledge!  No female fitness program can be designed accurately without knowing the female's total physiology and how it affects her abilities and participation. Completing this course will give you greater knowledge and more credibility as a fitness professional! ATTENTION MALES:  This certification will give you greater credibility among your female clients and even in obtaining a larger female clientele from your understanding of their specific needs.


What is covered in the Female Fitness Instructor course?

This home study course uses 2 textbooks plus an illustrated anatomy book for exercise movements to fit women. 

Course Contents:

Sex Differences in Anatomy, Physiology, Psychosociology, and Mortality

Exercise and Disease Prevention

Exercise and Disease Management

Exercise During Adolescence

Exercise During and After and Pregnancy

Exercise During and After Menopause

Aerobic Exercise Prescription for Women

Strength Training for Women

Flexibility for Women

Designing Individualized Training Programs

Female Injury and Safety Issues

Appendix includes tools and handouts

Who qualifies to take this course? Do I have to hold any type of certification or college education before I can receive the certification?


You must be at least 19 years of age and not still enrolled in high school.


You are not required to hold any certifications or college degrees.


You must be physically able to work with and to monitor clients.


A good knowledge and experience with fitness equipment and exercises is required!

What does the exam consist of?

The exam consists of T or F, completion, short answer, multiple choice, and application projects. Your exam and instructions will be included in your shipment.

What happens after I submit my exam(s)?

After receipt of your exam, it will be graded in 5 business days from our receiving it. You will receive an e-mail with your exam results.  If you don't pass the first time, you may restudy and retake your exam 1 more time within the 12 month enrollment period at no additional cost!  A minimum score of 85 is required for successful completion of the course.

How long will it take to complete the course?

This will all depend on your prior knowledge and experience in the field. After you enroll, your course will ship in 5 - 7 business days. This will allow you to get a quick start on it. The estimated time for completion is 3 - 6 weeks, but you have a full year from the date of enrollment to submit your final exam.

Do I have to get recertified or take continuing education credits?

Due to most insurance companies (and most fitness centers) now requiring recertification for continued liability coverage, you will be required to recertify every 2 years with approved CECs. 

How do I order the Female Fitness Instructor Course? 

To order the course, you can use PayPal's secure site below for credit cards or e-checks. We also accept mailed in orders with a US Postal money order or a business check from United States checking accounts only.  We no longer accept international money orders or international bank drafts.  Orders (must be online courses only) from outside the US must be paid through PayPal.  (This does not include US military personnel stationed outside the US).  Materials will not ship until checks have cleared (usually 5 - 7 business days).

If mailing an order, send the payment to AFTA, P. O. Box 253, Ripley, TN  38063.  Include your name, mailing address, email address, and name of the course.


AFTA Partner Program - Great for clubs, gyms, friends, or family members!

The AFTA Partner Program allows 1,2,3,4 or 5 individuals to enroll at the same time to receive a discount.  To find out how many sets of books are included in the share textbook discount partner program, please see notations at order area below.  You do not have to submit exams at the same time!  Partner programs are for purchase discount only; each enrollee must complete his/her own exam.


Please read our refund policy before ordering.


(Please monitor your emails for the 2 emails we'll send after you order!  The first one is for enrollment information and the 2nd one is your shipping information. Check your email address given in the order and make sure it is correct.)


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               Sales Tax applies to Tennessee residents

  1 person Female Fitness Instructor    -   $259.99      (1 book set)


  2 Person Female Fitness Instructor   -   $374.99       (1 book set)


  3 Person Female Fitness Instructor      -   $449.99      (2 book sets)


  4 Person Female Fitness Instructor   -   $574.99     (2 book sets)