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What does the fitness industry have to offer?

The fitness industry is a wide open field. Jobs include: personal trainers, aerobic instructors, health club owners, post-rehab specialist, conditioning coaches and many more!

In today's market, some personal trainers earn $50 - $150 per training session. After building a successful clientele, you can easily earn $50,000 - $ 80,000 per year!

It is really hard to find a job that you love to be at everyday. Having a fitness related career is exciting! You will interact with many people, and you will receive the satisfaction of knowing that you have played a positive role in a client's life.














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Watch AFTA Certified Trainer "Bob Harper" on NBC's "Biggest Loser"

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bulletAn AFTA personal trainer certification will help you to earn more money than a non certified personal trainer.
bulletHaving an AFTA internationally recognized personal trainer certification will prove credibility as a trainer to your clients.
bulletWe have trainers working in many top health clubs and gyms across the world!
bulletPersonal Trainers are one of the most demanded professions for the next decade....AP 2000
bulletWe have delivered over 40,000 courses and supplements! Our name recognition will help you to succeed in your career!
bulletAFTA has a selection of fitness and nutrition certification courses!

Begin a career as a fitness professional and enter the most exciting field in the job market!

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