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                        Fitness Trainer Certifications

Nevada Trainers/Instructors

NOTE:  Due to our database privacy policy change effective August 2009:  If your name with city/state and/or contact information has been removed and you want to be relisted, please contact with that information.   The list below no longer contains all currently certified trainers/instructors.


Nathan D. Barez - Las Vegas, NV

Jason Lee Daugherty - Las Vegas, NV

Lisa Douglas - Las Vegas, NV

Brook V. Walters - Las Vegas, NV

Michael L Key Sr  -  Las Vegas, NV     1-702-533-1808

Stephanie Michele Rodriguez - Sparks, NV

James T. Cook - Henderson, NV     PT II

Ashley Barber - Las Vegas, NV

Melanie Goicoechea - Reno, NV

Maria Cristina Rodriguez - Las Vegas, NV