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Mayo Clinic states:

"The single most important way to prevent, minimize and cope with physical changes related to aging is regular exercise."


































































Senior Fitness Instructor

Home Study Course



The Senior Fitness Instructor home study course will teach you how to be a positive influence for clients, friends, and family over the age of 50.

As a person ages, strength, flexibility, balance, and cognition can decrease.  With exercise, even on a modified level, their physical and mental well-being can be improved or stabilized.   


Course Content:

Anatomy and physiology

Individual and group exercises

Understanding limitations and special needs

How to assess the client; includes classification charts

Selecting appropriate equipment

Exercises for machines and free weights; includes illustrations

Workout plans; includes modifications

Additional programs for running, cycling, swimming, tennis and golf

Training principles for frail through experienced clients

Fun and social programs

Safety precautions

Medical disorders

Medical and program forms and questionnaires


Nutrition plans

Liability as a trainer


Requirements for enrollment:

Minimum 21 years of age with prior experience as a personal trainer  OR a degree in a fitness field with experience with exercise equipment OR a good background with the use of exercise equipment and free weights.  Prior experience working with seniors would be helpful but is not mandatory.   AFTA does not require CPR or first aid at the time of certification, but we strongly recommend that you obtain them before you begin working as a Senior Fitness Instructor.

Course and Exam:

THREE textbooks will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days by 3 day priority mail via the US Postal Service.  The exam will be included in the shipment.  It consists of true/false, short answers, and applications.  A minimum score of 85 is required to receive certification.  You have 12 months from the date of purchase to submit an exam.  If you are not successful on the first exam, you have 1 more attempt at no additional cost within that 12 month enrollment period.  We will email your exam score within 5 business days. 


AFTA requires completed CECs before the 2-year expiration date on the certificate.


We use PayPal (below) for credit card transactions or for electronic checks.  If e-checks are used with PayPal, we will not ship the course materials until PayPal has notified us that the check has cleared.  This is usually done in 4- 7 business days.

If you prefer to order through the mail, we accept US Postal or Western Union money orders.  Those can be sent to AFTA, P.O. Box 253, Ripley, TN  38063.  In a mailed order, please include your full name, complete mailing address, email address (for tracking information), course you are ordering, and a phone number.

For orders outside the US, we only ship to US military personnel and to Canada.


Partner Programs:

AFTA offers an enrollment discount if you have someone who wants to enroll with you.   To find out how many sets of books are included in the share textbook discount partner program, please see notations at order area below.  Each person will receive his/her own exam.  Partner programs are for discount purchase only; each enrollee must complete his/her own exam.



Please read our return policy before ordering.

Please monitor your emails for the 2 emails we'll send after you order!  The first one is for enrollment information and the 2nd one is your shipping information. Check your email address given in the order and make sure it is correct.


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Senior Fitness for 1 person             $269.99    ( 1 book set)


Senior Fitness for 2 persons           $369.99    ( 1 book set )


Senior Fitness for 3 persons           $469.99    ( 1 book set)


Senior Fitness for 4 persons           $684.99    ( 2 book sets)


Senior Fitness for 5 persons            $799.99    ( 2 book sets )