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"How do I Decide the Rates to Charge My Clients?"


When deciding how to set your rates there are several factors to consider.

  1. Your own personal experience in the field will play a big role in the rates that you charge. With no prior experience you will not have any former client references to refer potential clients to. References from former clients can and will give you great credibility as a trainer.

  2. The area or geographic location that you offer your services is also important. In many cases the bigger or more populated cities will offer higher salaries for clients. The "Beach Scene" states are one of the best areas for personal training. The warmer climates and beach lifestyle will offer more potential clients that are concerned about their appearance. For clients that hire personal trainers largely to improve their outward appearance, it is easy to assume that Florida would have more clients than in Montana.

  3. Another important factor is rates charged by other trainers in your area. How long have the others been in business? Are they highly endorsed in your area? Do they offer their own training facility? Is their background more extensive than yours? Compare these questions above between yourself and others. This will assist you in deciding how your rates should compare to others.

  4. The last important factor will be where the training takes place and the quality of equipment used. If you offer your own training facility with quality equipment, you have a reason to charge a rate higher than those that do not. If you lag lighter equipment to the client's home, your rates should be lower than those who offer their own facility.


Determine the rates, experience, facilities, and credibility that other trainers offer and then compare them to your own. This comparison will assist you in setting your rates.

                     --- Author:  Chad Barnhart, AFTA Fitness Director